... imagine a different world, where creating apps doesn’t require years of programming experience, where artists, scientists, humanitarians, health-care workers, attorneys, firefighters, marathon runners, football coaches, and people from all walks of life can create apps. ...transform ideas into prototypes without hiring programmers- David Wolber, "App Inventor: Create your own Android Apps"

Submit's photos from your smartphone to TwitPic

Punya is built on the App Inventor  block programming system, which allows non-programmers to quickly create mobile applications for the Android operating system (OS). App Inventor uses a graphical interface that allows users to drag-and-drop visual objects to create applications that can run on Android devices. 

Submit Linked Data directly to the cloud

Punya adds advanced capabilities to App Inventor including Linked Data capability, sensors, offline-tolerance, and cloud services. Leveraging Linked Data enables developers to reuse the thousands of useful datasets out there in the Linked Open Data cloud and allows the data generated to be easily integrated with data from other apps. Furthermore, Punya also provides easy access to sensors and other personal information on the smartphone. By moving a few blocks and putting them together, you can build a crowdsource app that reports live events happening in your community. How about also make your app to alert its users when more than thousands of people are tweeting an nearby and upcoming snowstorm? Want an app for local government officer to check school district data and show information on the map?

How are Punya apps developed? Here's a short video that shows the app development process.